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UAN or Universal Account Number is one of the most important term for the employees. EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) has launched an UAN Member Portal (Universal Account Number) which provides very important features and various benefit in the UAN Portal. The portal can be very beneficial for UAN Card Download, EPF Balance, EPF KYC, PF Fund Transfer, PF Claim Status etc. Today I am going to explain you in detail how to use UAN Portal step by step along with many other important things such as UAN Activation /Registration, EPF Balance Check etc

What is UAN?

The UAN or Universal Account Number is given to the employee who take part in the EPF scheme. The UAN number is unique and cannot be repeated with any other employee just like PAN number. Even after you change your JOB, UAN number will remain the same and you can check your PF balance anytime from UAN login Portal. The UAN number will be generated for each and every members of EPF, the portal will act as an umbrella for the Member ID’s allotted to the same individual.

UAN Login Portal

Moreover, the main objective is to provide the UAN Login Portal Facility to the EPFO Member is to capture KYC details of its members in order to eliminate the dependency on the employer and improve the quality of services. The KYC details can be uploaded against the allotted UAN. If UAN has not allotted then, Member ID.

Requirement to use UAN Member Portal

There are some requirements to use UAN member portal. Please check all the points to get complete information.

  • Must exist in the ECR w.e.f. January 2014 Onward (EPFO Member can check UAN allotment status at the below-provided URL:-
  • You must obtain UAN Number and Member ID from Employer.
  • Need to Activate UAN Registration as it’s mandatory.
  • Then, you need to create User Name and Password for accessing UAN Login Portal
  • You must have the Scanned copy of your KYC Document to upload on UAN Member Portal.

Unified UAN Member Portal Uses

The member portal can be used for different purposes, below are the few things to know. Please remember there are many other uses of UAN member portal which you will get to know once you start using the member portal. Once you login in the portal with your UAN number you can enjoy these services.

  • Download UAN card
  • Then verify personal details
  • Download the pass book
  • Check your EPF contribution
  • Update and submit your KYC details. For example Bank account, PAN, and Aadhaar

How to Activate UAN?

There are few steps to activate UAN, below we have mentioned step by step walk through.

  • Visit the UAN member portal and click on the Activate UAN button. The Activate button is available in the Login Box.
  • Fill the form. The UAN was activated by entering any of the following four documents:-
  • UAN
  • EPF ID
  • Adhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • After selecting one of the above options, then enter your name, mobile number, email address, and date of birth.
  • Follow the proper guidelines for filling the EPF number. Only fill that mobile number which is permanently because it helps to reset the forget password.
  • After filling all the details, then enter the Captcha and submit the form.
  • For the mobile authentication, you will get the pin on your mobile for the authorization. Then read that SMS and enter the pin and submit the form.
  • Once you submit your details, you will see your name, employer details, and date of birth. Verify all the details and create your password. The password should be alphanumeric and have minimum one unique character and password should be 8-25 character long. The individual character is [email protected]#$%^&*(). The password has helped you to log into the UAN member portal.
  • Give your email address and submit it. This will complete the UAN activation and registration. You will get the confirmation by SMS with your registered mobile number.

UAN Login

Once you activate your UAN account now it’s time to Log in the member portal. Few things to do once you enter in your Member portal.

  1. Profile
  • Edit your mobile number
  • Select your email id
  • Update your KYC information
  • Change your password
  • Edit your personal details
  1. Transfer Claim
  • Transfer application file
  • View the transfer application status
  • Generate the transfer application status
  1. Previous member IDs
  • List of last member ID
  • See the status
  1. Download
  • Download the member Passbook
  • Download the UAN card
  1. FAQs
  2. Contact us
  • Helpdesk number
  • Helpdesk email
  • Website

Step:1 Go to this URL for UAN Member Portal – Click here

Step:2 Locate the option of ‘Activate your UAN’. Follow it to get a new page.

Step:3 Click the check box showing ‘I have understood the instructions.’

Step:4 A UAN activation form will appear on the screen.

Step:5 Fill up the form with UAN number. Also, enter the mobile number and member ID.

Step:6 You will get a PIN on your mobile for verification purpose.

Step:7 Enter the authorization PIN and complete the process of registration.

Now You can check it out all the details of the page login step by step Guide.

How To Download EPF passbook

To download EPF passbook. you need to login to the UAN Member Portal with your UAN ID and Password. Then go to the “Download” menu and select “Download Passbook”, a passbook will appear in the screen. There will be a PDF link for this Passbook.

How To Download UAN card

You need to login first with your valid UAN and password. Then go to ‘Download’ Menu and select an option ‘Download UAN Card’. PDF of UAN card can be downloaded by selecting the given link. you can take a printout of the card as well.

Change mobile number  and Email

To change mobile number and email id please visit UAN dashboard. Remember to change your mobile number if you are going to get a new mobile number

To change a mobile number and email, you need to go to Profile Menu in the UAN Member Portal and select an option ‘Edit Mobile No.’/ ‘Edit Email ID’. Give new details and submit.

Update KYC details

You can easily update your KYC detail through the UAN member portal. To perform this task, go to the ‘Profile’ menu and select ‘Update KYC Information’. Now you can upload the copy of the document. The size of the scanned document should not exceed 300 KB. However, your employer must approve the uploaded KYC document. The employer can do it digitally. Till then, the status of KYC will be shown as ‘Pending’.

You can update following documents through the UAN member portal

  1. National Population Register (NPR)
  3. Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  4. Bank Account Number
  5. Passport
  6. Driving License
  7. Election Card
  8. Ration Card
  9. ESIC Card (Being introduced shortly)

Among these, Aadhaar, bank account number and PAN are most important.